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55: Lead Rein Non IPS Registered Pony Class for Riders under 8 years

Equestrian ➤ RING 4 - MINI PONIES ➤ Non-Registered Lead Rein & Handy Pony Clonmel Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023 - Thu, 31st Aug, 2023
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Lead Rein for Non IPS Registered Ponies, Riders aged 8 years and under on January 1st of the current year.

For ponies 4 years old and over, not exceeding 138cms, not registered with IPS. They can be registered with SJI.

a) Ponies must be shown in snaffle bridles. They must be led by persons aged 16 years and over and should be on a loose rein and will be required to trot.

b)The attendant must affix the lead rein to the noseband where it must remain while the pony is in the ring.

c)The reins must go directly from the bit to the rider’s hand. A balancing strap may be attached to the front of the saddle. The ability of the rider should be taken into consideration when judging this class. Knots on individual reins are permissible. However, reins may NOT be knotted together in order to shorten them. Grass reins are not allowed.

d)Riders will not be asked to dismount

No rider under 5 years on 1st January of current year may compete in any class with the exception of the Lead Rein Classes for which the minimum age is 3 years on 1st January of current year

Rosettes and Additional prizes will be awarded to all entrants

We recommend those entering their ponies acquaint themselves with Irish Pony Society Rules and Guidelines on for helpful advice

You might also consider entering Classes 42; Cradle Stakes and/or 43; Beginners Cradle Stakes and/or 44; Working Hunter Lead Rein. 


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Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
Petra Kucklick , Patrick Traynor
Prizes:   1st - €80.00 , 2nd - €50.00 , 3rd - €20.00 , 4th - Rosette , 5th - Rosette , 6th - Rosette , 7th - Rosette , 8th - Rosette
Class is currently closed for entry.