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24: QUALIFIER for ISA & Bannow and Rathangan Show for 3 year old Horse all Ireland Championship

Equestrian ➤ YOUNG HORSES, BROODMARES & FOALS ➤ Young Horses Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023 - Thu, 31st Aug, 2023

Qualifier 1 ..............................   Qualifier 2 ..............................

Galway Irish Crystal or Belleek China to be presented to each qualifier at both the qualifying show and on appearance at the final.

Part of the Horse Sport Ireland National Showing Championship series    PRIZE FUND: €6000

1. This competition is open to animals registered in a World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) studbook or a Department of Agriculture Food and The Marine (DAFM) approved studbook with recorded breeding.
2. Two animals may be selected to qualify for the final if the judges and the I.S.A.agree the standard is high enough.
3. Exhibitors to both the qualifier and the final must have the animal’s passport available for inspection prior to entry to the judging ring. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.
4. Passports & Microchips should be read by a veterinary surgeon at the final.
5. Animals qualified for final are not eligible to enter any other class at the show where the final is held.
6. The Qualifying Exhibitor must fill out their own Qualifying Card at each Qualifying Show.

These rules should be read in conjunction with the I.S.A. Rules.

For information on accommodation or free stabling for the final, contact 087-7560871 or 053-9136588 in advance.


Champion €800 plus Galway Irish Crystal
2nd: €500 & Galway Irish Crystal • 3rd: €350 & Belleek China
4th: €250 & Belleek China • 5th: €200 & Galway Irish Crystal
6th: €150 & Belleek China • 7th to end €70

Additional Prizes at the Final:
€150 & Trophy for Best Filly. €150 & Trophy, for combination of best turned out horse and most suitably dressed handler 
*Breeder of winning animal to receive a Galway Irish Crystal or Belleek China *

Final: BANNOW & RATHANGAN SHOW Thursday 13th July 2023 at 1.30pm

ENTRY FEE: To Qualifying Show €10 / To Final €20

Ring Area:  
Ring 2
Entry Fee:  
Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
Prizes:   1st - Rosette , 2nd - Rosette
Class is currently closed for entry.