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8: Qualifier for Tattersalls Irl & Treo Eile SPSQ Novice Racehorse to Riding Class

Equestrian ➤ RING 1 - RIDDEN HORSES ➤ Racehorse to Riding Horse Clonmel Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023 - Thu, 31st Aug, 2023
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Tattersalls Ireland / Treo Eile


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Racehorse to Riding Horse - Opening Notes

Ring 1 after Ridden Hunter Championship and Class 6T


    For horses 4 years older, mares and gelding, any height.  Riders minimum age 16yo. 

    A novice is a horse who is in its first season of showing or a horse who has not won a Racehorse to Riding Horse class prior to this season’s competition. 

    Horses to be ridden in a snaffle bridle only, with a plain cavesson noseband.

    Novice horses will not be required to gallop.  The judge will not ride Novice horses, but will request a short individual show, as defined by the judge.

    The aim of the Treo Eile Showing Pathway Series is to identify racehorses which are judged to have transitioned to be suitable riding horses.  The horses entered in the classes should demonstrate good movement, rideability and correct conformation. To be judged as a hunter class.

  • Horses competing in the Treo Eile Showing Pathway series, must be registered with Treo Eile (FREE on  The number of horses registered supports Treo Eile’s fundraising efforts and allows for more sponsorship towards ex-racehorse competitions.
  • All entries must have a Weatherbys or equivalent racing authority passport.  The passport must be available for checking at the show.
  • Horses must be entered using the name as per the Weatherbys or equivalent racing authority passport.
  • The first and second prize winners in the Novice and the Open class at each qualifier, will qualify for the final.  In the case where the first and/or second placed horse has already qualified, the next placed horse may qualify for the final at the judges discretion.
  • Combinations may only compete in one section (either Novice or Open) at the final of the Treo Eile Showing Pathway series. A Novice combination that has qualified for the final, and also wins an Open qualifier throughout the series, must compete in the Open section of the Treo Eile Pathway series final. 

    Final Prize Fund: Royal Mearth Show

    1st – 500, 2nd – 250, 3rd – 150, 4th – 100, 5th – 75, 6th – 50.

Ring 1
Ring Area:  
Ring 1
Entry Fee:  
Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
Will Morton , Moggie Hennessy
Prizes:   1st - €200.00 , 2nd - €100.00 , 3rd - €80.00 , 4th - €25.00 , 5th - €25.00 , 6th - €25.00
Class is currently closed for entry.