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44: Working Hunter Lead Rein

Equestrian ➤ RING 3 - WORKING HUNTER ➤ Working Hunter - Ponies Clonmel Show 2023 - Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023 - Thu, 31st Aug, 2023
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O'Gorman, Brannigan and Purtill Accountant
O'Gorman, Brannigan and Purtill Accountant

1st......................... 2nd...................... 3rd....................... Rosettes to 6th place

Working Hunter Lead Rein. In this Class, the Judge will be looking for a pony suitable to take its rider hunting on a lead rein. This is NOT a Handy Pony Competition but, in their individual show, ponies will be asked to negotiate small obstacles to a maximum height of 12” (30cms) such as bending poles, ground poles, zig zags, etc. A smooth and steady round suitable for the pace of the leader and ability of child is required. Cantering is not permitted. NO CROSS POLES allowed. For ponies, mares or gelding, 4 years old and over, not exceeding 123cms, suitable for and to be ridden by riders who have attained their 3rd birthday but not their 8th birthday on 1st January of current year. Riders in this Class may not compete in any other Class with the exception of any other Lead Rein, Beginner First Ridden and Beginner Cradle Stakes Classes.


Working Hunter - Ponies - Opening Notes

Starts at 09.00 in Ring 3

Ring Area:  
Ring 3
Entry Fee:  
Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
Prizes:   1st - €130.00 , 2nd - €80.00 , 3rd - €40.00 , 4th - Rosette , 5th - Rosette , 6th - Rosette
Class is currently closed for entry.