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20: QUALIFIER for Traditional Irish Horse Association (TIHA) Limerick Lady Championship

Equestrian ➤ YOUNG HORSES, BROODMARES & FOALS ➤ Young Horses Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023 - Thu, 31st Aug, 2023

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Conditions for Traditional Irish Horse Assocation (TIHA) Limerick Lady Championship:

(a) For two-year-old Traditionally Bred Fillies, suitable for producing High Quality Traditionally Bred Sport Horses

(b)Fillies must have been registered as foals with a society that maintains its breed for -  the Irish Sport Horse Breed, the Irish Draught Breed, the Thoroughbred Breed & the Connemara Pony Breed and MUST be by :                                                                    


(a) Thoroughbred Stallions, Connemara Stallions, ISH (TIH)  Stallions,  Irish Draught Stallions or

(b) Any cross of the afore mentioned                                                              

 (c) Dams of the fillies must be by the Stallions as above and registered with a society that maintains its breed

(d) NA 1 Irish Sport Horse Stallions or similar classification

(e) All exhibitors must have their fillies passports available for inspection at the Qualifying show and at the Championship

(f) Entry fee for the Qualifier is €15, Entry fee for the Championship is €25

(g) More than one filly maybe selected at any qualifying show, provided that the standard of entries warrants such selection  

(h) Should the standard of entries be insufficient, no filly will be selected                                                                                                               

(i) Infringement of these conditions or Championship regulations may lead to disqualification.

 PRIZE FUND for Championship: Champion: €500 & the T.I.H.A. Perpetual Challenge Trophy,
Reserve: €250, 3rd: €150, 4TH: €100.

Best Turned-Out Handler & Animal €100.           Entry Fee €25

Final 28th August 2023 at Limerick Show

Ring Area:  
Ring 2
Entry Fee:  
Sun, 2nd Jul, 2023
Prizes:   1st - Rosette Special , 2nd - Rosette Special
Class is currently closed for entry.